I have asked over and over and over how to ' cancel ' my subscription to Zapper and after 4 months....still NO answer. This outfit is far from helpful to its customers and any messages to its contact center go unanswered. When it comes to Zapper.....there's more brains...
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Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Ratchasima
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when resume zapper says they will zap your resume they aren't lying. After you spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to to have your resume proffesionally re-wriiten, resume zapper re-writes it so that it's unintelligible. They change the format so that it's...
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I paid Resumezapper the fee plus the extra $15 to get a listing of recruiters my resume was sent to. A month later - not a single phone call. Their claims of phone calls and offers within hours doesn't seem to be true. I e-mailed them and did not receive any...
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John R

Sucks to hear that, man. If you are looking for work, throw me an email ( I am looking for freelance writers for business-related articles.

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